Linghang Tanzania was invited to participate in the 3rd China International Import Expo in 2020

The annual CIIE is exhibited at the Shanghai International Expo Center. Our company also has branches overseas in Tanzania, and has been engaged in import and export business for many years. This year, we are honored to be invited by the organizer to represent Tanzania in the exhibition hall. We displayed many products from Africa such as coffee, cashews, soybeans, red wine and other products. At the same time, we also specially invited the Tanzanian ambassador to China to publicize for us, in order to better show Tanzania's products to major Chinese supermarkets and restaurants.

After the opening ceremony on the first day of the expo, Mr. Kairuki, Tanzanian Ambassador to China, Zhang Haibo, Secretary of Weihai Municipal Party Committee, and Lv Wei, Deputy Director of Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, visited the booth of Linghang Tanzania Co., Ltd., and Ms. Wang Xiangyun, Chairman of the Group He introduced the Tanzanian red wine, coffee, cashew nuts and agricultural and sideline products that the group imported to the leaders, and made a report on the group's project in Tanzania: East Africa Trade and Logistics Center.

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During the expo, Liu Youzhi, general manager of Linghang Group, led the team with China Township Enterprise Co., Ltd., Greenland Global Commodity Trading Port Group, Jingdong Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Juka Solar Technology Co., Ltd., CLK Transport And Trading FZE, Henan Xinlianzhi Flower Co., Ltd. and others signed a number of intentional procurement cooperation agreements.

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The 5-day exhibition ended successfully. At this year's CIIE, we not only met the leaders of major government departments, but also brought more Tanzanian products to the Chinese table. We hope that in the future, we can better serve the people of the two countries, deliver high-quality products from China to Tanzania, and at the same time import high-quality products from Tanzania, which is rich in resources, back to China.

Post time: Feb-16-2022